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10 jio sim hacks you must know today

Why Jio Sim?

Jio is now the most used network all over India with millions of people every day. There are many services offered by JIO related to the high-speed internet, unlimited calls and free SMS. These offers are available at different prices with different validities of days. It can be costly for some whereas easily affordable for others.

The main point is that even after many of these services offered by JIO, there are many restrictions to its usage. The per-day limit of our internet usage is between 1GB or 1.5GB but what happens when we say that it can be more? Yes, there are some of the useful Jio Sim Tricks that can help you to use unlimited data without any limit. No matter what plan you’ve bought, these tricks will always work.

One of the best plans offered by Reliance JIO comes in a range of Rs. 399 and Rs. 599, but still you will only get the speed of 4G till you used the given limit of the plan i.e., 1gb or 2gb. After this, you will still get the internet but with the lowest speed of 128 Kbps. The 2gb speed is more than 128 Kbps so this results in you to utilize data with limits. The prime plan of 399, anyone can access free internet of 4G data for 3 months.

If you want to use more data even after the daily usage of Reliance JIO then you are at the right place. This will let you use the internet with unlimited speed without any restrictions by following simple tricks.

Some of the tricks are: –

  1. Increasing 4g of JIO with the help of Airplane mode. This will help you to improve the speed of your internet by simply turning on and off the airplane mode. Just by doing it you will see the results by yourself.
  2. Using JIO in the middle of 12 to 6 AM. This is considered as the best tricks of JIO for downloading the movies and other things. This is because the server loads are very less of their networks that result in you to use the internet with full and fastest speed.
  3. Removing the speed limit or bypassing in JIO by changing the time and date. This is the very best option for speeding up the JIO internet. This is a safe, working and simplest method for getting 4g speed after daily limit usage.

For this you should: –

  • Download the app of My JIO
  • Making sure of having some of the data left
  • Turning off the JIO Data
  • Now follow the rules (Go to Settings >> Apps >> My JIO app >> Force Stop)
  • After this open (Settings >> Time & Date >> Untick the option of Automatic time)
  • After this, change the next day Date like today is 9th December that means you have to change it to 10th December.
  • Turn on the 4g data and also open my JIO app
  • You will see the notice of the data that has been reset.
  • When the data is over again then you can change the date again for unlimited enjoyment.
  1. Method of proxy for avoiding the cab problem of speed. This includes your smartphone in which you have to open settings then mobile networks, selecting Jio sim as well as creating the new Access point. This will be a little tricky but changing the proxy will help you to speed up the internet. But if you are not sure if this step then you can skip to the other option.
  2. Using the Apn protocol for bypassing the data limit of JIO. These are mostly useful for the prime plans where it helps the user to convert data of 1gb to 4gb with simple steps to follow.

For this you have to: –

  • Set up Apn as JIONET
  • Select the Apn protocol as ipv4 or ipv6 while leaving all the other fields blank.
  • Using Jio up to 3.6 Gb In 4 Gb case and 700 MB in the 1Gb case.
  • Use Youtube via IDM now to Download 3 to 5 videos.
  • Your connection ends immediately once you hit your 900 Mb.
  • Simply resume, if it is resumed and you’ll get the right speed, otherwise enjoy unlimited full 4 g day, follow steps below.
  • Settings are opened and the only and are selected in Ipv6.
  • Restart your phone by using 50–60 MB of data now.
  • Adjust Ipv4/ipv6 protocol and restart your Downloads now again.
  • You are now going to get Unlimited Jio 4g service and Unlimited data. Bypassed Jio Regular usage limit.
  1. Using VPN for bypassing Jio Speed. Other than all the process that has been given above, this is the simplest form to bypass cap of Jio speed.

This includes step like: –

  • Install a VPN that has a network from Germany or the USA.
  • Use Jionet Apn to link your data.
  • Link Vpn now to the server from Germany or the USA.
  • Farewell! You will see your speed improvement and you can also use 4 g unlimited data.
  1. Avoiding the speed cap with the help of my JIO app. This system is the way every android mobile relies on Jio Sim. All this is done with My Jio’s old version.

This consists of:-

  • Next, disable or uninstall all Jio applications and My Jio apps.
  • Check our previous post for download and update Old version of My Jio phone.
  • This is not an updated version, so downloading My Jio Old version is necessary.
  • Open My Jio account and download all Jio applications.
  • Switch off the connection and open my JIO phone.
  • Click on the “Get Jio Sim” option.
  • Now turn on your info, like this “Feedback you have triggered your preview.”
  • Click Back Button to return immediately.
  1. There are also methods other than speeding up the internet. This includes the recharge hacks of the internet. This trick includes the recharge with the help of the Web tunnel.

In this you have to: –

  • Downloading the Web tunnel app
  • Installing and then opening an app
  • Choosing any free server
  • Making some changes to the setting
  • Replacing header host with
  • Then putting port no. 80
  • Making a click on the selected protocol & setting fast Http
  • Clicking on connect option
  • Waiting for some time for connecting to the server
  • Enjoying the 4g internet unlimited.

  1. You can also use the Net velocity app from the play store for latching up the high-speed internet.
  2. With JIO sim a person can also get free caller tunes that can be activated with my JIO music app.

Now you know all the tricks for using high-speed internet as well as other hack related to the JIO sim. With the use of simple tricks carefully, one can achieve the best of Reliance JIO sim.

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