15 Software Companies to Try on Today

There are many opportunities that fresher and experience candidate looks for. Many people migrate from one place to another in search of better opportunities but do you know what are the best options?

Many big places, for instance, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune are the fine options for searching for a job and for starting a new journey. Even the universities were chosen to have a better reputation and getting good placements in companies. Above all these, one of the best options to choose from, Bangalore is one of the most preferable places for starting a new career or establishing an existing one.

Bangalore is a very busy place full of companies also known as Bengaluru. It is the capital of the Indian state ‘Karnataka’. It is also recognized as the Indian Silicon Valley because of its top ranking as a leading IT exporter of the nation.

If you are thinking of starting something in IT/Software Company then Bangalore is the best place to go with. We don’t all have the same skill. However, we all have the same chance of developing our talent. As a result, Bangalore has some of the world’s largest software and IT enterprises. A flock of immigrants flies in search of possibilities in this city. We have gathered 25 top Software companies to work with that are: –

  • Wipro: – Wipro was founded by Mohamed Premji in 1945 in Amalner, Maharashtra. Wipro was initially a manufacturer of vegetables and refined oil and then became a giant company. The Wipro headquarters in Sarjapur, Bangalore is currently headed by Abidali Neemuchwala.

  • Infosys: – Infosys, the king of all IT firms, leads the chart of India’s best software companies. This company was established in 1981 and is presently managed by Salil Parekh.

  • Accenture: – Accenture is one of the most important IT consulting firms with a practical and digital strategy as well. It is the first company in India to have its registered offices in Ireland and several offices in Bangalore. Managed by CEO David P. Rowland at present.

  • TCS (Tata Consultancy Services): – It is one of Mumbai, Maharashtra’s most ancient multinomial Indian information technology and consulting companies. Rajesh Gopinathan is the best governing agency. It is by market capitalization the largest Indian corporation and one of the most important information technology services brands in the world.

  • IBM: – Over the past 100 years it operates in New York-owned Company with its operations in over 170 countries, including India, known as International Business Machines. The Indian outsourcing team is working on research and development projects. Ginni Rometty manages this company.

  • Oracle: – It is the world’s largest technology and software database company. Based in Redwood, California, and operating under Larry Ellison’s leadership. The software company is the third-largest in the sale. Oracle’s ten offices in Bangalore, including Marathalli, Raman Nagar CV, Banerghatta Road, Whitefield Outer Ring Road, are one of India’s leading IT companies.
  • Cognizant: – Cognizant is a multinational American company offering IT products. The Nerve Center of Cognizant is currently under the leadership of Brian Humphries, Teaneck, New Jersy. One of India’s IT leaders has 4 Bangalore offices.

  • Capgemini: – Another multinational company has its headquarters in Paris and originated from France, here it is. Capgemini is one of the oldest consultancy and technology firm founded in 1964. Capgemini has 10 offices throughout India, headed by Paul Hermelin.

  • Cisco: – Cisco was founded in 1984 and is now a leader in networking and telecommunications. The concept of the Local Area Network (LAN), for which computers are connected via the multiprotocol router system, was introduced. Chuck Robbins now leads the IT Company, with 7 offices in Bangalore.

  • Mindtree: – Mindtree has a total of 20,204 staff and has 43 branches in 17 countries with an overwhelming presence in Bangalore. Mindtree’s business activities are very varied and reliable. It was founded in 1999, now led by Rostow Ravanan, by 10 IT professionals.

  • HCL: – Founded by Shiv Nadar and headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, HCL is one of the top five IT firms in India.

  • Mu Sigma: – Mu Sigma works primarily on data science and large data analysis, not a regular agency for TECH. It provides client services to enhance its software output assessments. Headquartered in Chicago and with an international delivery center in Bangalore, Mu Sigma is headed by Dhiraj Rajaram.

  • Amazon: – Amazon, the world’s largest retail Internet company. The huge e-commerce launched in Indian in 2014 and has already held an important position on the market in India. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with design hubs in Hyderabad and Bangalore, Jeff Bezos.

  • Dell: – Dell is the world’s biggest software company that provides consumers and their associated products and services with production, selling, repair, and support. It employs 145,000 people worldwide. It is among India’s most famous laptop firms, currently run by Michael Dell at the EPIP Zone in Whitefield, Bangalore.

  • HP: – Hewlett Packard is a multinational American IT company offering products related to hardware and software. In India, HP has a huge retail outlet selling personal computers and offices in Bangalore, based in Palo Alto, California.

IT businesses are rising for like topsy, new companies go every day to Bangalore’s start-up field. All the above-mentioned firms are among Bangalore’s top 50 IT companies. When you’re a techie, no other place is for you than Bangalore.

In Bangalore, there are nearly 67,000 registered IT companies, 12,500 of which are full-time companies. The rest are either closed or shelf enterprises. Bangalore IT companies are scattered throughout the region. The Digital City of Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, Domlur, Bannerghatta, Mysore Road, Koramangala is a few of the main areas where most IT firms are based in Bangalore.

Bangalore houses large and small enterprises, hundreds of factories and thousands of people from various parts of the country and cultures. Bangalore is, in reality, no longer just India’s IT capital but also home to the aeronautical, automobile, biotechnological, telecommunications, space research, engineering, defense technology, and the silk industries.

But what powers Bangalore’s business success stories? The Bangalore group, which is rapidly expanding, has a diverse employee base, distinctive business culture and a high level of commitment to workers. These tactics in turn help employees feel empowered and valuable, leading to great work and happiness for their employees.

Some of you already working in these companies will be proud of seeing your companies name on the list. These are all because of the hard work that makes these companies work globally. This helps as well as inspires millions of employers as well as entrepreneurs to start something on their own. It also helps people to understand what they are capable of or what more they can do.

Even after studying hard in universities, many of the candidates are facing problems while finding the job. This is because of the place they are living in that do not gives or generate many opportunities for people. They have limited seats with wider competition due to which many are facing unemployment. This is the main reason that people started to find many new options they can apply to.

The most adopted things are the migration to popular places where one could settle them well. There are many Indian states and cities like Bangalore with more and more companies that are offering seats to the ones that are capable of the job role. If you are searching for one such job of your dream then Bangalore is the place for you to start your career planning smoothly.

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