Ethical Hacking Jobs

9 Skills you must Require to get a ethical hacking job in india

Getting an Ethical Hacking Job is one of the importantRequirement for the people who are into the cyber security Most of the people of the world who are into the hacking or popularly known as ethical hacking Have a dream to get a professional cyber security job. But. They need to work on Very high skill set by which they can secure this position and get a proper ethical hacking job in India.

Ethical Hacking Jobs

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical Hacker is a someone, Who helps company, Find the vulnerabilities And Update their systems according to the patches If we wanted to say clearly, ethical hacker responsibility is that, They are Ready to Help Company Or company owners To patch Themselves against the vulnerability It is not wrong to say that ethical hacker is also the one person. Who hacks the system for the company requirement, but not for their own use.
Generally, Hacking is Seen as a crime in India. but unfortunately, ethical hackers are one who focus on finding the vulnerabilities and helping users to fix that On basis of their proper skill set.

Do i Need to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker to get an Ethical Hacking Job?

Generally, Ethical hacking, or any professional skill, do not require any certification to prove that you are ready for a job. But if we wanted to work ethically and for a big agency as a cybersecurity professional, we need to grab a certification In ethical hacking. there are many organizations who offers certified ethical hacking program which helps the People who are into cyber security to land a professional job and to create their professional image. This will not only help them to optimize their own Career into the cyber security But yes, it helps to create a professional image into the market as well.

Some of the Popular Ethical Hacking Certification which a Cybersecurity Professional must have are the following:

  • EC Council: Certified Ethical Hacking Certification
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Cisco’s CCNA Security

Getting certified in ethical hacking also helps a professional To hack the system According to the law and With the proper information security Acts.

9 Skills you must Require to get an Ethical Hacking Job

Now, We need to come to the point For which this article is about 9 important skills Required to get a professional ethical hacking job. If you grab these skills I Am sure that you will be getting a professional ethical hacking job without Any barriers And without difficulties.

1: Networking Skills

Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about networking skills which are related to the computer network. Networking is one of the important factor Everything on the Internet is connected to a network. And each and every computer, even our devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops are also connected with the network. Anything which comes related to the Internet is connected to a network and for a cyber security professional, networking skills is a must. It not only helps a professional to land a job into a cyber security, but helps them by opening another opportunity for them.
Networking skills for hacking include understanding networks like Suoernetting, DHCP, Subnetting, etc. Having network knowledge for ethical hacking helps to explore the various interconnected computers in a network and the potential security threats that this might create. If an ethical hacker has networking skills, they will know how to handle those threats.

2: Computer Skills

Using the computer Should be one of the important skill which each and every person should know, even if he is an ethical hacker, or if he or she Is a basic computer user. They must know how to use computers And how to navigate through the Internet. This is one of the important factor which helps Not only the ethical hacker, but even the basic user to land a small job which enters them into a payrole. But for an ethical hacker, Computer skills are the must and they should focus on this When they are starting their career as an Ethical Hacker.
The basic computer skills include processing data, computer file management, and creating presentations. Advanced computer skills include managing databases, programming, and doing calculations in spreadsheets. Some of the essential computer skills are MS Office, including all its programs, spreadsheets, Email, Database Management, Social Media, Web, etc.

3: Linux Skills

Linux is an entry point for Using Professional tools for an ethical hacker. It provides a lot of tools as well as it provides a lot of opportunities when Using Linux. If an ethical hacker is familiar with the Linux operating system, they could do anything. Linux is an open source operating system and is highly secure as compared to other operating systems. Many of the Devices like Android have chosen Linux because of their security. Linux is must for an ethical hacker and they should learn about this for sure. Learning Linux could not only helps A Cyber security professional To move for an ethical hacking job, but it opens many other opportunities In areas like System Administrator, Server management ETC.

4: Programming

Programming the software always determines that how it is going to function. And as an ethical hacker, if you know the programming, you can easily Understand the code And try to exploit the vulnerabilities through it. The basic to advance programming could help an ethical hacker To understand the code properly and to exploit the systems. It not only Gives an opportunity for an Hacker To enter into cyber security, but also helps an ethical hacker By providing them The programming jobs And the software development work as a freelancer.
Although there are many programming languages, all are not used for hacking purposes. Here is the list of programming languages used by ethical hackers:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Perl

Understanding any of the two programming Languages thoroughly Could open A door for an ethical hacker into an area of cyber security and code exploitation.

5: Hardware Knowledge

Computer hardware Is a part which controls the Computer software. It comprises of CPU, motherboard, RAM And hard drives or SSDs. The basic hardware knowledge is must for an ethical hacker It helps them To understand how the data is being processed, how it is carrying up via software and taken into the Process.

6: Knowledge in Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a method by which a program or a piece of software is being reversed engineer. And, Vulnerabilities of that program is being extracted To hack it, To crack it, And 2 Distribute the report To the Department of the software so that they can fix it. Reverse engineer Expert Can help People Or the software owners To fix this software for a Critical issue. It is widely used in ethical hacking So that The software vendors, Or developers can fix it. Reverse engineering is very much important To learn When Getting Ready for an ethical hacking job Because It is the center of the cyber security And most of the things come into the control because of reverse engineering.

7: Cryptography

Cryptography is a way by which the proper information and secure information, including messages, Text or data is being transmitted. And an ethical hacker should be skilled in cryptography so that they could easily Fix the issues Arising from the cryptography, Related to the encryptions etc.

8: Database Skills

Database security is one of the important aspect nowadays. Many of the systems or web applications are being hagged due to hacking of database. This hacking of database results in data loss and data leakage. The hackers can misuse the data and being an ethical hacker, you should know the database management system. And have the knowledge in one database Language at least to avoid The data leakage or the data loss.
Accessing a database by the Hacker where all the data is stored will put the business at considerable risk, so it is necessary to ensure that this program is hack-proof. To help the company create a powerful DBMS, an ethical hacker must clearly understand the Database and various database engines and data schemes.

9: Problem-solving Skills

Every company is looking for a problem solver nowadays. And as an ethical hacker, it is important for you to become a problem solver for your organization. In ethical hacking, Rather than technology, there are many problem solving skills which you should understand like time management and how to solve the problem without getting panic. It is a situation, When we get a problem unnecessarily and unknowingly. Fixing this problem will prove an ethical hacker Professional and a proper giant for a company. To become a giant, we need to become a problem solver. And this problem solving skill do not come directly When starting up our career as an ethical hacker. We get the problem solving skill When doing the work practically.


If we have entered into an hacking sector, we need to make sure that we are doing the work ethically and professionally. And if we are a professional ethical hacker, we deserve to get a professional ethical hacking job in India. To get a professional ethical hacking job, you must have the above skills and proper Things should be mastered For this, You can Do certified ethical hacking program from EC Council, which helps you to Master The given skills in Productive Way.


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How can I find an ethical hacking job in India?

There are many ways for finding and professional ethical hacking job. You can Search Using Google Interactive search And By applying With your resume on other job portals Better opportunity is to use the LinkedIn To find a suitable job. There is a very high success rate on linkedin.

How can I learn the above skills?

Generally, you can learn the skills by using the Google or any sort of online course, but we recommend joining professional certification course like certified ethical hacking program by EC Council which will help you to start with your career for a beginning level. For networking and other purposes you can use Cisco Academy and other resources to get started.

If I get a professional ethical hacking job, then what I need to do exactly into that?

Generally, ethical hacker responsibility is to find the vulnerability And submit the detail report to the companies. In some cases he need to fix The vulnerabilities, which he has find.

After learning the above skills, can I start my career in other areas?

you can start your career nearly in all of the sector which have the above skills.For example, if you have the knowledge in networking, you can become a network engineer. If you have a knowledge in Linux, you can get started with System Administration. If you have knowledge with programming, you can get started with. Programming and other sort of coding stuff. There are many other open areas rather than this. You can also investigate by reading this full blog yourself.

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